Saracens Cricket Club

Saracens Cricket Club - Our History

Saracens Cricket Club was established in 1929 and play most of our games in Hertfordshire, North London and Essex. The fixtures are always on Sundays, are friendly matches, and are normally a fixed 40 over format, or 'timed' games of a similar length. 

From the last week of April to the first week of October, we have a full
list of away games against teams from those areas. In 2008 Saracens played a couple of 'home' games - borrowing the pitch of Enfield CC with whom we have a strong bond.

The Players

A diverse group, the Saracens have come from all corners in recent times. Some of the Club stalwarts grew up in Enfield, the traditional base of the club. They have moved into Hertfordshire, or nearby in the main. More recently, Saracens has had an antipodean influence, with the influx of a regular amount of Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders. 

They have had several generational teams, where father and son play alongside each other, with two sets of these (Youngs, Knightons) still active. The club draws new players basically by introduction, which is how it has evolved over the years.


Saracens embark on a tour once a year, if possible. In the past, this has been a tour domestically in the UK, like Bournemouth. In recent years Sarries have toured overseas, in search of the sun and warmth. Tour is normally in the second or third week of October. Tours in recent years have been:

2003 - Isle of Wight (UK)
2004 - Alicante (Spain)
2006 - Alicante (Spain)
2007 - Malta
2008 - Cyprus
2009 - Gibraltar
2010 - Majorca
2011 - Malta Again!
2012 - Corfu
2013 - Barcelona
2014 - Portsmouth (UK)
2014 - Florida (USA)
2015 - Portugal
2016 - Malta Again!
2017 - Ibiza
2018 - Florida (USA)
2019 - Corfu

Tour normally involves 2-3 games of cricket over a week, perhaps a round of golf, go karting is almost essential, and a lot of lying by the pool.

Non Cricket - It isn't just CRICKET!

Sarries have an annual BBQ at Dinghys house (Andrew Young), a quiz night or two, a disco and a dinner dance. They also have golf days, go karting races (normally on tour) and meet for various other reasons. (Baldock Beer festival being one that springs to mind).