Saracens Cricket Club

Saracens Cricket Club - Barcelona 2013

The 2013 Tour was situated in the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona's Olympic Park, where Saracens took on Catalunya Cricket Club. 


Catalunya CC v Saracens CC - 1st T20 Game

Saracens arrived for there first game of the Barcelona tour at the olympic stadium (sort of-it was where the baseball was played) with the ground closed and no pitch laid. Whilst waiting the oppo practised in the road while our opening bowler (Babs) fell asleep on the bench suffering the effects of the night before . we looked so professional.

The ground was opened and the pitch laid Randy as skipper told them we were fielding. Before we started the dressing room was very silent and emotional as Squibby gave a Martin Luther King (I have a dream) spleech and announced his retirement due to him not being able to bat, bowl and field anymore, Vinny wondered at what point he was able to. Seriously thank you squibby for all the years of being a saracen.We also welcomed back scouse who hadnt played all year.

The game began with Morgs and Babs keeping it tight early on despite the former bowling 8 ball overs. Two good catches by Ben and Vinny accounted for the openers and the spin twins of bun and dingy kept the runs down to 6 an over backed up by good fielding and great catches in the outfield by tricks and slogger (the second a spectacular one). Catalunya reached 122 off there 20 overs.

Our innings started poorly with morgs (0)and squibby(1) gone in the first two overs. Slogger and Randy repaired the damage to add 70 before Randy(30) was caught on the boundary  with around 7 overs left. Fud joined Slogger with around 40 needed and batted with confidence to see it through with us winning off the last ball. well done Slogger(66) and Fud (14)for seeing it through at the end. everyone played there part in a good win by 7 wickets.

In his first game this year Scouse picked up the W award for dropped catch, missed stumping and falling asleep for the entire Saracens innings. 
With the presentations over we travelled back to the hotel for a quiet night lol!!!!


Catalunya CC v Saracens CC - 2nd T20 Game

Second game on tour and the first question skipper Slogger asked was who was fit to play. Mark (skid) came in for squibby and Luke came in for scouse but another change was enforced by mark not recovering in time from the previous night and lloyd replaced him.

Once again we fielded first in our new green 20 over pyjamas against a stronger oppo than the previous day and they proceeded to smash the bowling to all parts of the ground . It was like watching baseball and a lot of home runs were seen. There were not many highlights of the bowling and fielding, All Bowlers went for 8 an over with Bun picking up 3 and babs and woody picking up the others. Also woody managed to bowl a 6 ball over.

Catches were dropped Vinny (2) along with a faceplant along the 3rd base line, randy (1) very difficlt one in the mud and tricks (1) even more difficlt one the ball reaching outer space before coming down.even the spin twins struggled to keep the runs down 
the oppo amassed 200-5 in there 20 overs.

Our innings opened with Bun and Woody. Bun (0) was out early, but in doing so went to second in the averages with a batting average of 49. Wickets fell at regular intervals Woody (13) Vinny (18) after a few slides was finally run out, Babs (26), Bates (1), Tricky (0), Luke (2), Randy (6), Fud (1). It was left to Slogger and Dingy to bat out the overs to reach 122 off our 20 overs and a loss by 78 runs. A creditable effort against strong opposition.

A special mention to Slogger Wallis, who scored over 700 runs at an average of over 100 for the season, A great effort.

W award for vinny for two dropped catches, a faceplant and because he hadnt had one all year (last one is the more creditable reason).

After the presentations and photos it was time for the Annual Sarries Dash

All lined up (even skid had recovered) and they were off. Luke took an early lead and no surprise Bun and Dingy brought up the rear. At the finish Luke was pipped on the line by guess who, Slogger with tricky finishing 3rd.

Order was 
1) Slogger
2) Luke kirby
3) Tricks
4) Randy
5) Fud 
6) Woody
7) Master Bates
8) Ben Bruce
9) Slowmo 
10) James Lovett
11) Babs 
12) Dingy and Bun

A well deserved drink outside the real olympic stadium was well deserved.

Well played to all for two good games of cricket and another sucessful tour. Thank you to all the supporters who came along to support not only on tour but throughout the season, you have your sundays back for at least 5 months.

See you next year, goodnight!!!

Vinnie 'Slowmo' Archer