Saracens Cricket Club

Saracens Cricket Club - Portugal 2015

A wet weekend results in a win and a loss..... It hadn't rained for 2 months they said!!

We arrived in Portugal in blazing hot sunshine and temperatures on Thursday morning - This was the last we saw of it for a week..... from Friday it rained for the first time in two months and continued (on and off) for the next 5 days.

We played a 25 over game on the Saturday, resulting in a good win for us. The games was completed in the drizzle and then it was off to the bar for food and drink as the rugby world cup was on TV in the back ground.

Our Sunday fixture, a T20 - started in the dry but soon rained and was reduced to 15 overs as side. We were set 105 to win from our 15 overs and ended up 103-5, finishing 2 runs short. 

Again it was back to the bar for more food and drink, thanks to the great hospitality from the home side.