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Matthew Ayre
Matt joined the Saracens in 2004 and has established himself as a regular, proving to be an interesting (if somewhat angry) captain.

Fanny is considered to be the son of Bun (and future off spinner) and also the father of Fud...
Fanny currently holds the record for the highest individual score (157no & 166no) and most runs scored in a season for the last 5 years...

Opening Bat, Fast Fat Trundle, Safe hands.

Fanny - Matt was believed to be Robbo's caddy and has been named after Nick Faldo's more famous Fanny.
Fat Goose - term normally reserved for the largest member of the team, Fanny has held this roll for the last 3 years...potential change for 2013 though Woody...
Mike Bigby
Saracens Fixture Secretary, regular player and former Captain.
Bowler and boundary fielder who regularly goes out to bat with
a stick of rhubarb and wears the tattiest old cap in the club.

Saracens leading wicket taker, Off spinner and number eleven batsman who fields well off his own bowling.

Bunny / Bun - A "rabbit" or "bunny" is cricket slang for a particularly bad batsman, usually a specialist bowler who often seems unsure of how he should even hold his bat.
BunSki - Russian Cricketing Look-a-like from Barcelona 2013
Paul Bradbury
One of the best Australian cricketers we've had, but had a comedy laugh! Has been included in the Saracen hall of fame and is constantly missed as we have no opening bats!

Batting / Bowling / Just great really!

Goober - Something he did in his childhood...
Trev Collins
An Australian god who amused us all (when we could understand him), an all round excellent chap!
Spent most of his Saracens career sleeping as he was always hungover on a Sunday.

Opening Batting / Bowling / field anywhere

Wooky - No one could understand him, Saracens will always remember the shouts from the field that sounded like Chewbacca (when Trev wasnt asleep)
Joe Mahoney
Another great Australian that joined the Family. Saddly (for the ladies) he has now gone home...

Fast Bowler / Right hand Bat / Man kisser...

G.I. - Because he hated and no one wanted 'Sloppy Joe'
Jason Manson
Another bloody Kiwi rugby player...introduced to the side by Pies. Jason has rediscovered his cricketing ability and is the unluckiest bowler in the team.

Fast Bowler (very unlucky) middle order biffer!

Cheese - Refuses to take his pants off in the shower, therefore must have a cheesey knob!
Riv Monsell
Riv is a mate of Morgs and plays for Blackheath normally. He is incredibly unreliable!

Very fast Bowler...

Frenchie - because he has 8 middle names
Kit Kat - Because he looks like a small Fanny (2 fingers)
Rob Morgan
Our great Australian captain for the last few years. A man who travels a lot and can be relied upon to steal as many trophies as possible. Main rep for the Aussie contingent!

Fast opening bowler / middle order biffer / Slips.

Woody - Toy Story is all i'm going to say!
Greg Munday
Aussie captain for the 2008 season despite a busy schedule and being unable to count. Is the main winner of the W award and enjoys drinking, good food and pommie bashing!

Bowler (some times) / top order batsmen / Drop catcher...

Fonzy - Because of the great dancing and his way with the ladies!
Ben Wallis

Back for a second stint with Saracens after first playing in 2005.  

Top Order Bat / Wicket Keeper

Slogger - original one from 2005 due to his lack of 'agricultural' shots.
Kitt - because he has everything

Andrew Young
The Daddy figure of the Saracens. Andrew is the host of the fancy dress BBQ and countless other drinking sessions at his home in the summer. Andrew puts a huge amount of time and effort into the club.
Andrew is also father to Jess, Hana and Richard.

Opening Batsmen / Bowler / Fielder

Dinghy - Named after the famous Dinghy Young from The Damnbusters...known to bail out from time to time...
John Major - Look a like
Grandad - affectionate term as the oldest current player in the team.